Cockburn John Charles Academy Student Shines at WKC Tournament in Orlando, Florida

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Dec 13th 2023

In a remarkable display of skill and determination, Cockburn John Charles Academy student Savannah emerged victorious at the prestigious World Karate Commission (WKC) tournament held in Orlando, Florida. The talented martial artist secured not one but two silver medals, showcasing her exceptional prowess in both solo and team competitions. 

Competing against top-notch martial artists from around the globe, Savannah's standout performance in the solo category earned her a well-deserved silver medal. Her precision, technique, and dedication to the craft were on full display as she navigated the intense competition with grace and skill. 

Equally impressive was Savanna's contribution to the team competition, where she, alongside her teammates, displayed a seamless synergy that led them to another silver medal. The synchronised movements and coordinated efforts of the team highlighted not only individual excellence but also the strength of the camaraderie fostered at Cockburn John Charles Academy. 

In a statement, Head of School, Siobhan Roberts, remarked, "Savanna's accomplishments at the WKC tournament are a testament to her hard work, discipline, and exceptional training. We are incredibly proud of her achievements and the positive representation she brings to our school." 

The entire school community joins in celebrating Savanna's triumphs, recognising the effort and commitment she has invested in reaching such a high level of excellence. As a beacon of inspiration for her peers, Savanna's success serves as a reminder of the potential within every student at Cockburn John Charles Academy. 

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